Pizza Dough

A simple recipe for pizza dough that rises quickly so you can prepare it an hour or so before dinner or let rise over a day. 

Main course


15 mins prep

PLUS 1-4 hours for rising



I use one 8g sachet of yeast for all of the quantities above


In a small bowl combine the water and sugar and check the temperature is lukewarm. If it is lukewarm and suitable for the yeast, proceed to sprinkle the yeast on the top and set aside to activate.

In a larger bowl, combine the remaining dry ingredients (not the oil).

Once the yeast has activated, form a well in the large bowl and pour the activated yeast (water) and also the oil into the well and slowly mix. Once the dough is mixed, remove from the bowl and proceed to knead on a clean bench top for 5-7 minutes.

Once kneading is complete, place the dough into a oiled bowl (brushed) or container and leave to rise for 1 - 4 hrs.

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